Sunday, June 5, 2011

Christina Cooks Three Day Intensive Study

Wow! Where to begin......... this is my first post that is not centered around a recipe but the experience of the last couple of days is just too good not to share.

I spent the weekend in Philadelphia with JL Goes Vegan. We had previously only known each other through Twitter and Facebook and I am so thrilled we got to meet in person and hang out this weekend. It was like meeting a kindred spirit!

Me, Christina Pirello and JL
Photo by JL Fields

If you are interested in clean eating, whole foods, nutrition and wellness and are not familiar with Christina Pirello of Christina Cooks I would suggest you check out her website ASAP! I am very lucky to live in Philadelphia where I have easy access to Christina and her wide variety of cooking classes and demonstrations!
Our weekend consisted of three days focused on topics ranging from Chinese Medicine theory and philosophy, the energy of food, macrobiotics, nutrition, knife skills and menu planning. Yes, a lot to cover in three days but the combination of lecture, demonstration and hands on experience creates a terrific learning environment and certainly makes the three days fly by!

Menu planning
Photo by JL Fields

As a bonus I got to meet a fellow food blogger, Bistro Katie. I am excited to have another food blogger to keep in touch with!

JL and Katie
Photo by JL Fields

Over the comint weeks I am looking forward to sharing my own recipe creations based on what I learned so stay tuned! In the mean time, here are some photos to give you an idea of the sort of things you can expect to see in the future.

Tofu, green beans and squash

Cauliflower in puttanesca sauce

One HUGE lunch

Amaranth and corn with dulse flakes

Brown rice salad


Carrot and ginger soup
Photo by JL Fields

Chocolate chunk cookies


I am really looking forward to incorporating and sharing new techniques and ingredients in upcoming recipes!


  1. Hi Lee - I love how you have documented the weekend. I'm glad to be in touch with you too. It will be fun to see what recipes we all come up with, incorporating everything we learned. (Hopefully I will remember most of it!)

  2. Great post, Lee! It was a remarkable weekend! I'm really anxious to synthesize my thoughts and figure out how to incorporate some short cuts to healthy eating during the week. I do believe I'll be simmering the base for miso soup tonight :)

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