Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mi Lah Vegetarian - Philadelphia

Today I could not recruit any coworkers to join me for lunch. It is so beautiful out and I really wanted to get out and walk a bit in the city so I decided to take myself out to lunch! I love Philly, there are so many great places to eat, including one of my favorites- a little place called Mi Lah Vegetarian that I go to pretty regularly  Though the name says Vegetarian, the menu is entirely vegan.

Mi Lah Vegetarian

Don't let the tiny "hole in the wall" appearance fool you.  The food that comes out of the kitchen at Mi.Lah is fantastic!  I decided to go all out today and do a three course lunch.  Yes, I am in a bit of a food coma now but it was well worth it!!


To start out I had the Apple Wood Smoked Butternut Squash and Coconut Soup.I am a sucker for butternut squash and this warm soup is delicious and comforting. It is thick and creamy and the coconut flavor really shines through.

Smoky, creamy, great squash and coconut flavor!

For the entree I decided to go with the Mi Lah Philly Cheese steak.  At a vegan restaurant in Philly it almost feels wrong to NOT order a cheese steak!  It comes with peppers and mushrooms. I can tell you that while close to "the real deal" it is actually much better!!  This sandwich comes on great crusty bread and the "cheese" sauce is creamy and velvety without bearing too much resemblance to Cheez Whiz.  I would highly recommend it!!

When in Philly...

What can I say? It was good!

Feeling very decadent I decided to go all out for dessert. Chocolate cake with caramelized coconut and vanilla "ice cream". I did not ask what sort of base was used for the ice cream but I will tell you it was so creamy, strongly flavored with vanilla and so good.  The cake was very rich and chocolaty and a perfect companion for the ice cream.  The caramelized coconut? To die for! I am going to figure out how to replicate that at home!!!


After I had finished all that wonderful food my (very nice) waiter Stevii came to ask me how I liked the meal. I told him I loved it and that he could bring the check.  Now, as if all this good food was not enough.... here is the bill he presented me with!  All I can say is WOW, what a bargain!


If you find yourself in Philadelphia, Mi Lah Vegetarian is a must try. You can find them at:

Mi Lah Vegetarian
218 S. 16th Street 
Philadelphia,  PA 19102

They are located in the Rittenhouse Square section of the city.


  1. Aw, that's where we had our first "date"! :) You know I'm cuckoo for the Philly sandwich! Mmm Mmm!

  2. This might be an odd question, but what is in the philly sandwich? (beside the mushrooms and peppers)

    It looks really yummy and I'd love to visit!

  3. Hello, the Philly "Cheese Steak" is made from seitan. It is really good!

  4. I've been there while visiting Philadelphia. It is a wonderful place. I'm glad you reminded me of it. I'm thinking it sounds like a great birthday destination!