Saturday, October 15, 2011

Brasserie 73- Skippack, PA- A Restaurant Review

Skippack is a really cute little artsy town very close to where I live, There are a lot of neat little restaurants, antique stores and artsy little shops. It is a great place to wander around, shop and eat.

Brasserie 73 is a restaurant that Mr. Meat and Potatoes has always enjoyed. We have not been there in a few years as it is pretty meat-centric and has a menu that is not appealing to either a vegetarian or a vegan.  But, my Father in Law was in town and wanted to go to dinner so we decided to check out Brasserie 73.

Smoky pasta with summer squash.

Mr. Meat and Potatoes called ahead and asked about a vegan meal and they said they would be happy to accommodate  that we should just ask our server.  I was a little nervous but I figured I would just roll with it and see what happened.

The place has nice decor with the lone exception of the Elk head on the far wall.  I sat with my back to Mr. Elk and the atmosphere was pretty charming. As suggested I asked the server about a vegan meal and told him to let the chef use his imagination in preparing my dish.

Dinner came and while the two guys feasted on their steak and fish I got a lovely pasta dish. At first somewhat skeptical (it was just  pasta after all) I was pleasantly surprised. At first glance, while pretty, it didn't seem to be a meal to wow me. Once I tasted the sauce that the pasta was tossed with I realized that I was eating something pretty special.  The dish had a deliciously smoky flavor and had nuggets of sun dried tomatoes and roasted red peppers hidden in the pile of spaghetti. The summer squash was grilled to perfection. It was very good.

It is nice to know that both Mr. Meat and Potatoes and I can go out together to a place so close to home and both have a great meal.

You can find Brasserie 73 at 4024 Skippack Pike Skippack, PA 19473 (610) 584-7880.

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