Thursday, October 6, 2011

So Long Summer Garden, For Now

I love that in the summer time so many of my meals can be made with just a few ingredients from my garden.  This year we grew tomatoes, a variety of peppers, cucumbers and many, many herbs.

My most recent harvest.

There is nothing like going into the garden and picking and eating a tomato right off the vine.  Though the guys in my house do not agree (they do not eat raw tomatoes) my Daughter and I think that is the best way to eat a tomato! And, we both secretly don't' mind that the guys don't eat tomatoes... more for us!

I cook with LOTS and LOTS of herbs and I love going out every night to pick just what I need for dinner.

Nothing better than cooking with fresh herbs!

Fresh mint!
I will be sorry to see the garden go, though I do look forward to fall, in many ways, my favorite time of year.

For now, farewell beautiful garden.  Next year you will be back and bigger than ever!


  1. We just plowed the garden today! The dirt is looking good for next year...and we're already planning what we'll plant!

  2. We're lucky here in Georgia, my tomatoes are still going strong - along with the basil, oregano, and jalapenos. It did take longer (guessing the heat) to start producing though! :)

  3. I planted my first garden this summer and loved it. Kale, lettuce, eggplant, peppers, cherry tomatoes and herbs. I still have tons of peppers and kale but I need to eat the up ... we're getting close to our first frost, I think! I wish I had planned ahead and planted winter squash. Maybe next year!

  4. I am super envious of your herb garden! all my plants keep dying off.

  5. Its really disappointing to bid farewell to our summer garden but we must always look forward to something new. I myself is looking forward to have a fall garden even though its late, but I got to try and learn.

  6. Wonderful harvest! Congratulations on it and on your fabulous garden!