Sunday, April 15, 2012

Falling into Green- A Book Review

As an avid reader I am always thrilled when asked to review a book, especially prior to it's publication!  Ashland Creek Press recently contacted me to ask if I would be interested in an advance review copy of a new eco-themed murder mystery by Cher Fischer.  Well, you do not have to ask me twice!

I read the book in just two days on vacation and without hesitation recommend it to you.  And, if and when the movie comes out I will be sure to see it!

Esmerelda Green, eco-psychologist, vegan and all around environmentalist is adept at solving mysteries of the mind focusing on nature and environment as an integral part of healing.

When a young woman is murdered at the same place Esmerelda's childhood friend committed suicide she is instinctively drawn to the location. She eventually finds a key piece of evidence and suddenly finds herself in the center of a complicated, quickly evolving and changing investigation.

Suspecting the two deaths are related she is pulled back in time to when her friend committed suicide looking for answers. After all... "everything- in nature and murder- are connected."

Turning to her own intuition and belief in our connectedness to our surroundings she has to navigate being a suspect while attempting to find answers and bring closure to her friend's death.

Throughout the process she is pulled into a complicated world of corruption and secrets, all the while falling in love with a key investigative reporter, a man who decidedly does not share her green philosophies.

Both a love story and a murder mystery/thriller Fischer skillfully makes you think about the linkage of the psyche to our surroundings and the world in which we live. This book will capture and keep your attention until the very last page.


  1. Lee, thanks for this thoughtful and enthusiastic review of Falling Into Green! Just wanted to let people know that the book is available now (a bit early!) from Amazon, B&N, and also through readers' local bookstores -- here's a link for more info!

    1. My pleasure! Thanks for the opportunity. The only thing I like as much as cooking is reading!

  2. Thanks Lee to opening up my eyes to this kind of writing. I have never heard of a mystery with a green theme - it has taken reading and green to the next level! You enticed me to enthusiastically get the book!

    1. You are welcome! If you like this you may also like The Tourist Trail by John Yunker. I reviewed that one (same publishing house) last summer. It was really good, too!