Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Winner and a Very Vegan St. Patty's Day in New York

I am happy to announce that we have a winner in the Blissful Bites cookbook giveaway! Many thanks to Christy for sending me a review copy and providing one to give to a lucky reader!

But, before I get to the winner of the book I am long overdue to tell you about my AWESOME St. Patty's Day trip to meet up with one of my best gal pals JL (who blogs at JL Goes Vegan).

I took the train into the city in the morning, hopped into a cab and met JL at Sacred Chow for lunch. All I can say is WOW!! We feasted on a fabulous (and very large) vegan lunch! Here is just a sampling of what we ate:

Olive Seitan


Massaged Kale Salad

Since we were both feeling a bit stuffed we decided that walking was in order. And walk we did!We headed over to Moo Shoes to check out the store with hopes of finding some vegan shoes/handbags. No luck this time but, whenever in New York again I will give it another try- a very neat store!

From Moo Shoes we headed over to Whole Foods in Tribeca where Christy, The Blissful
Chef, was doing a stop on her book tour.  It was fun and informative (and tasty!).  Hard to believe that only a few short hours after lunch we were eating again, but hey, someone needs to do it :) You can check out some of the things we sampled here.


From there we hopped into a cab and headed over to Candle 79 where we met up with JL's hubby who I had never met before (Hi Dave!) along with Christy, Sharon (Big City Vegan) and Kate (of Le Chou Sauvage).  It was a great meal! Great food, great company and a celebrity sighting or two... Hello Dax Shepard and Kristin Chenoweth!

Sharon and Christy with Dax in the background!

I really cannot wait to go back to Candle 79, as a meal here embodies fine dining-- vegan or otherwise. As I am fond of saying good food is good food!

Samples of dinner:



Artichoke and Brussels Appetizer

Cashew Crusted Seitan

Setitan Piccata


Peanut Butter Bliss

Cranberry Pie
Now on to the winner!! Congratulations to Erica Phillips who left this comment:

I would love to win this cookbook because I am so incredibly intrigued by the cooking with no onions/garlic rule she has. I am a straight up garlic addict, so I'm wary, but intrigued nonetheless. Fingers crossed!

No need to keep those fingers crossed or wonder about cooking without garlic and onion any more! You are the winner-- please check you email!

I hope to talk to all of you soon from a very small Island in the Caribbean Sea. I can promise I will not be doing much cooking but hope to find plenty of good vegan eats!


  1. Hey Lee, such a fun day! Great pics! So great to see you too! How crazy is it that Dax just happened to be right behind me and Christy at the very moment the photo was taken. What are the chances!?!! :) xoxo

    1. Right, Sharon?!! I had such a nice time and it was really great to see you. I hope to get into New York again soon and would love to connect when I do!

  2. Great post and beautiful pics Lee! dinner was so much fun and I am really happy to have met all of the gals (and guys) I didn't know before. <3 you all!

  3. What an amazing line up - I hear so many people say good things about Candle 79.

  4. It was a fabulous, fabulous day!