Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Elephant Walk- Boston

I have not been to Boston in years and just like that I am required to head to Boston twice in three weeks.  Ironically,  I had recently put out a request to my Twitter peeps for a friend for some vegan friendly restaurants. Little did I know that information would come in handy for me, too!

One of the suggested restaurants was The Elephant Walk, which for reasons unknown to me at the time rang a bell. I decided to give it a try.

I arrived at the restaurant and was greeted warmly by the staff and seated in a room with a great view of Beacon Street where the restaurant is situated.  As soon as I looked at the menu I knew I was in love-- a plethora of items labeled vegan!

The restaurant is billed as both Cambodian and French- I stuck with the traditional Cambodian fare as none of the French dishes appeared to be vegan and I had never tried Cambodian food before.

I started with the Vegan Rouleaux which are spring rolls stuffed with all sorts of vegetable goodness served with greens and sprouts.  The suggested method to eat them is wrap a spring roll in a piece of lettuce, add some sprouts and then dip into a lovely tuk trey sauce.  These were absolutely the highlight of my meal.  I dare say they were divine!!

I decided on the Tofu Citronelle which came beautifully presented in a lemongrass sauce with a variety of fresh vegetables including onions peas, peppers and scallions.  I found it a bit sweet for my liking, though I think this is really just a matter of personal preference and not a commentary on the preparation of the dish itself. I had suspected something a little more savory/spicy but I did enjoy the dish. I am not sure I would order it again, instead opting for a different entree.

Though not usually a dessert eater I decided that really ought to experience a Cambodian dessert. None of the options were specifically labeled vegan but my server was most gracious in offering to have something vegan prepared fo me.

I was served a beautiful plate that consisted of T'Peh which is a sweet fermented black rice. It was served with coconut and rum soaked pineapples.What an interesting dish. Sweet, with a great chewy texture.  I loved it.  Also on the plate was a bowl of what I believe was the Pot K'tis- more or less a sweet coconut corn soup.  The soup was silky smooth with a decided coconut flavor and laced with lovely chunks of sweet corn.  Delicious.

I am going back, for sure.  Oh, and that familiarity I mentioned earlier?  They have a cookbook, which it turns out my sister owns. Years ago we cooked a few recipes from it and I remember they were very good. I can't wait to borrow it- I am hoping the recipe for the Vegan Roleaux is in there!!

The Elephant Walk is located at:

900 Beacon Street
Boston, MA 02215


  1. I love The Elephant Walk! I used to live right around the corner from there and was always impressed by their offerings.

    1. It was terrific!!! I cannot wait to try and recreate some of their recipes at home!