Monday, June 25, 2012

Piggy Palooza!

What a great weekend centered around compassion for animals. Friday night it was a big vegan dinner buffet and discussion with Harold Brown of FarmKind. Saturday afternoon was CARE Veggie Fest which also featured Harold as well as lots of vegan food and animal friendly organizations. 

Then, Saturday evening it was off to Piggy Palooza, a music festival to benefit Pig Placement Network, an organization that "works with animal shelters, humane societies and pet pig owners to rescue unwanted, abused or abandoned pet pigs and place them into new, loving homes".  The benefit was held at Ross Mill Farm, a stunning property in Rushland, PA.  When we arrived we were greeted by this lovely animal. So sweet and so friendly!  

The farm calls itself "The Home of the Pet Pig" and boy they are not kidding!! There are pigs everywhere. And, oh my they are just amazing!  I have never interacted so closely with pot bellied pigs before and I absolutely loved them! 

They clearly have personalities; some are shy, some come right up to you and nuzzle you affectionately, and some you are warned to stay away from because they bite!  We saw several mischievous pigs, too- they want to get into everything! It seems Nellie (below) was very interested in my camera!

What I saw in my short time with thee animals is that they are really smart; understanding and responding to commands much the way dogs do.  And they wag their tails just like a dog does, too! I loved seeing all those wagging tails-- they are just so cute!! So cute, in fact, that my daughter has not stopped talking about adopting one since the minute we arrived there!

Unfortunately many people adopt cute little piglets without the full knowledge of how large they get and what is involved with taking care of them.  Thank goodness for organizations like the Ross Mill Farm and Pig Placement Network, who work to care for displaced or neglected pigs while educating people on what it means to own a pet pig.

It was a great family outing- the icing on the cake? l finally got to see my friend's band Blackhand play, meet up with some dear friends and see a friend I have not seen in a really, really long time (like 25 years long!).  

I am already looking forward to the 3rd Annual Piggy Palooza and if you are in Southeastern PA you should seriously consider attending! 

In the mean time if you would like to learn more about the Pig Placement Network you may click here. To make a donation click here.


  1. We have the same problems with people taking rabbits home for kids because they are cute... That is until they get bored of them, or the buns start to sample the furniture then they dump them! It's a domesticated animal that can't fend for itself and is usually not neutered so we get breeding issues that those that made money from the sale of the animal are now not responsible for providing sanctuary for them!.
    Personally I think it's about time large pet lands vanished and anyone selling animals are doing so via license.

    1. I hear you! The fact that anyone could dump these lovely animals is really beyond my comprehension!