Friday, July 6, 2012

Avocado Pea Tea Sandwiches

I love avocados. For so long they got a bad rap as a fatty, not so good for you food.  Thankfully, the world has come to realize that they are not only delicious, they are also deliciously nutritious, too.  Even Subway, has jumped on the avocado bandwagon offering it on its sandwiches and advertising it as a "superfood".

I recently ran across a recipe for avocado-pea spread for tea sandwiches. Not a combination I would have put together, since I had avocados, peas and little cocktail breads I decided to try a version of it.  They were delicious- the creamy spread with the crunch of the fresh vegetaables was perfect- even my 13 year old son enjoyed them!

Avocado Pea Tea Sandwiches

2 avocados, pitted and insides removed
1 1/4 cup frozen shelled peas, thawed
Juice of one lime
Sliced radishes
Sliced cucumbers
Mini cocktail bread or thinly sliced sandwich bread
Salt and pepper to taste

Put the avocado, thawed peas and lime juice in a food processor.  Add salt and pepper.  Pulse until very smooth.

Place a layer of the spread on the bread. Place a layer of cucumber, a layer of radish and top with sprouts. If using sandwich bread, remove the crusts. Slice diagonally and serve.


  1. Beautiful idea! I love the colors, too!

    1. Thanks, Elisabeth! They were quite yummy!

  2. Wow this avocado tea sandwich look fantastic! I love that you put sprouts in them.