Saturday, July 14, 2012

Music, Sesame Seed and Middle Eastern Food

I am not sure I have ever talked about my son's music here before.  But, given that we are in Connecticut dropping him off for a week of intensive jazz study it is probably the right time.  He's thirteen, he is talented and he works really hard at music.

He plays the Sax, is self taught on the clarinet, flute and piccolo. He studies piano. He recently cleaned up on jazz solo awards, won the John Phillips Sousa award for music and has been accepted into the Montgomery County Youth Orchestra.  He is kicking butt and I am so proud.

When we got to Connecticut it was dinner time and we were all hungry.  A quick search on Google yielded a place called Sesame Seed. They had  a great Middle Eastern menu and the place looked eclectic and interesting so we decided to go.

What a really nice surprise.  As you know, I grew up with a Middle Eastern Father and we ate Middle Eastern all the time.  I know good Middle Eastern food, and I will tell you this place serves good Middle Eastern food. Very good.  The hummus was literally the best I have ever had (sorry, Mom).  The falafel was amazing, too.

The place was oddly charming, cluttered with all sorts of "stuff" from old games, telephones and needlepoints to photos, model cars and instruments.

When we come back to pick my son up I think we will make a point of swinging through Danbury and eat at Sesame Seed again. If you are close you really owe it to yourself to check it out!

Sesame Seed is located at 68 W Wooster Street in Danbury, CT.


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    1. Oohhhh! Thank you so much! I am going to stop in next week as I just happen to be in Philadelphia!!