Friday, August 31, 2012

Beer Battered Avocado Tacos

I have seen a few recipes for fried avocado pop up on the Internet. What's not to love about that? I really don't eat a ton of fried food but this sounded too good not to try.  Since it was just me for dinner tonight I figured I would give it a go and see how it turned out.  One word... awesome!

I used the basic batter recipe I found here, but changed it up a little bit to add a bit of spice. I think next time I will even add a little more heat. All in all a great and pretty easy to make dinner!

Beer Battered Avocado Tacos

1 avocado
1/2 cup lager (I used a light lager)
1/2 cup all purpose flour
1 tsp paprika
1 tsp sriracha sauce
1 tsp salt
Taco Shells
Lime juice
Oil for frying

Heat the oil over high heat in a pot; be sure you make it deep enough to submerge the avocado.

While the oil is heating, mix into a large bowl the lager, flour, paprika, sriracha and salt until a thick batter is formed.  Halve the avocado, remove the pit and score into slices. Carefully remove the skin.  Dip the avocado slices into the batter and then place them in the hot oil.

Fry until golden brown on both sides; a few minutes. Remove and drain on paper towels.

Add the avocado and whatever other toppings you like to your taco shells (I used kale, tomatoes, red onion and a little vegan sour cream).

Drizzle with lime juice and serve.


  1. I practically never eat battered food (pakoras a few times a year and that's pretty much it), but all these fried avocado recipes definitely have me tempted!

    I think there's a slight mistake in the instructions, two paragraphs in wrong order?

    1. Thank you for pointing that out! I will make the change. I rarely eat fried food either- this was a nice treat!

  2. Wow, this sounds incredible and so decadent! I also like the addition of sriracha. It's spicy fusion!

    1. Decadent indeed! I could eat sriracha on everything!!!

  3. this is awesome!! spicy beer battered avos. cant beat this:)