Sunday, September 30, 2012

A "First Date" and Hip City Veg- Philadelphia

Finally after three years of knowing one another through the blogosphere, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other varieties of social media I got to meet my friend Laura Jill (LJ) in real life, almost like a "first date". it was GREAT!  She is even more vivacious, energetic and sweet as she is in cyberspace!

Philly Steak

We met up at Hip City Veg- a relatively new vegan eatery in the heart of Philadelphia. I have been there a few times as I am lucky to work right around the corner from their location on 18th Street.

Ziggy Burger

We had a great lunch- LJ opted for the Philly Steak- a seitan version of the classic. I got the Ziggy Burger- a tempeh burger with lettuce tomato and a special sauce. We both got some sweet potato fries (which come with a cilantro black bean dipping sauce).

If you find yourself in Philly this little place is a must for a quick, reasonably priced lunch. The food was great but I must say the company was stellar!  My only regret-- we forgot to get a picture together (whoops!).

And lucky for me, she is supposed to be back soon! I can't wait to hang out again.  Where shall we go next, LJ?


  1. I love, love, love that you two met! I knew you would love each other! YAY!