Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Blossoming Lotus- Portland, Oregon

Anyone that is vegan is acutely aware that Portland, Oregon is considered something of a vegan Mecca.  I have not been to Portland since going vegan in 2009.  When a business trip presented the opportunity to go to Portland I figured I should maximize my time to frequent at least one vegan restaurant.

After inquiring with the Twitterverse and checking out the dinner menu I decided on Blossoming Lotus.  How could I not? The very first item listed on the menu was Baked Brie.  Vegan baked brie?  Oh my, I have not ever even dared to imagine such a thing!

As soon as I arrived in Portland I dropped my things at the hotel and headed out in a cab to Blossoming Lotus. While for most of Portland it was lunchtime, my East Coast stomach was telling me it was dinner time. One small problem-- when I arrived they were serving lunch and the lunch menu did not include the Baked Brie.

After letting my server know that I had traveled 2400 miles to come to the restaurant and that I had my heart set on the Baked Brie she inquired with the chef and they agreed to make it for me! And, let me tell you- It. Was. Awesome.  So creamy and smooth and topped with a fig jam; truly heavenly.  I ate the WHOLE thing!

As if that were not enough I went on to order a Trio of Tacos- Thai, Black Bean and Kimchi and Jamaican Jerk Tempeh.  Wow, they were good. Complex flavors, nicely seasoned and a bit of heat. I ate all three!

At this point you could have rolled me out of the restaurant. But, I spied on a blackboard at the counter that the Soft Serve of the day was Almond Butter.  Soft Serve? Vegan Soft Serve?  I have never had such a thing and it really did not matter how full I was I was going to try it. Oh my. So creamy and delicious. Just as good as any dairy alternative.

I have one more night left in Portland. Please let me know if you have a recommendation for another great vegan place!

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